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Rock Creek is undeniably gorgeous, yet its beauty is far more than skin deep. The wizardry of Tom Weiskopf makes this one of those rare golf courses that succeeds in satisfying every level of player, from the highly skilled to middle and higher handicappers. A round at Rock Creek will test every club in your bag, the mark of a great course, and you can play over and over again and never tire of it – another mark of a great course.

In the spirit of true links-style golf, every green gives you the option of landing your approach shot short and bouncing or rolling the ball onto the putting surface. And though the course lies within a densely forested area close by the lake, there’s plenty of room to play, with numerous wide fairways with generous landing areas and large, inviting greens.

Now, about the beauty. The course is a knockout, plain and simple. Spring heralds the arrival of broad swathes of perennial wildflowers including Buttercup, Trillium, Shooting Star, Dogtooth Violet and Yellowbell; with summer arrives armies of Syringa, Honeysuckle, Sego Lilly, Queens Cup and Pink Pyrola. Each and all spectacularly complement the deep green turf of the rolling fairways and brilliant white of the bunker sand. And of course there are lake views aplenty. But look, words and pictures don’t do Rock Creek justice. Come and play it and you’ll find out how special it really is.



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